Last Wednesday Nov 21, before the “door buster” sales and the turkey and fixings, our band had the honor of again sharing the stage with the national act Straight Line Stitch at The Masquerade in Atlanta. Despite their set being plagued by technical difficulties and setbacks at every turn, Straight Line Stitch was able to fight through and put on an amazingly set for this, the last show of their Hatewear Tour. I felt watching the show like I was witnessing a pivotal moment in a band’s rise, when you see it progress to the next level. I am also reminded of another show at the same venue a several years back when Devin Townsend suffered similar technical difficulties during his set and gave the audience a choice between stopping the show early or continuing the set but with an audible click track. The audience applauded to have the show go on, and so it did. Now, many years later, I still remember that show better than many others since because it did go on despite the challenges. Last Wednesday was another of these moments where a band defined itself not by a cookie-cutter performance, but by how much they were willing to fight, even on the very last night of a long tour, to put on a memorable show for their fans. If you have not heard of Straight Line Stitch, then this is definitely a band keep an eye on – because they are on the rise.