It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. Thanks to everyone who came out to our show 7/2 at The Highlander. It was great seeing everyone and getting to play with Rigorism and Forge by Fire. The Highlander is an awesome venue and I encourage everyone to see more shows at this venue. This was also the last show with our drummer Mark, so if you’re a drummer interested in auditioning for the band, please contact us on our contact page.

After the show, Dave was away for a two weeks in Greece. While there, he gave away several copies of the latest album – 2 of these went to Shiva Records and 7+7, both heavy metal music stores in the Monastiraki flea market [link1, link2, link3] in downtown Athens. The owner of 7+7 played the CD on his store stereo, and it was a “surreal experience walking the shops of Monastiraki and hearing Enders Game playing in the background!” says Dave. “Visiting Greece was an incredible experience, I can’t wait to go back! There were so many metal heads there… now I can see why Athens is always a staple in every European metal tour.”