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It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. Thanks to everyone who came out to our show 7/2 at The Highlander. It was great seeing everyone and getting to play with Rigorism and Forge by Fire. The Highlander is an awesome venue and I encourage everyone to see more shows at this venue. This was also the last show with our drummer Mark, so if you’re a drummer interested in auditioning for the band, please contact us on our contact page.

After the show, Dave was away for a two weeks in Greece. While there, he gave away several copies of the latest album – 2 of these went to Shiva Records and 7+7, both heavy metal music stores in the Monastiraki flea market [link1, link2, link3] in downtown Athens. The owner of 7+7 played the CD on his store stereo, and it was a “surreal experience walking the shops of Monastiraki and hearing Enders Game playing in the background!” says Dave. “Visiting Greece was an incredible experience, I can’t wait to go back! There were so many metal heads there… now I can see why Athens is always a staple in every European metal tour.”

In Honor of Hoyt Parris / Pathfinder Promotions

There are a lot of people behind making a great live show. You probably know the bands, the venues, sometimes maybe even the sound and lighting engineers – and of course the audience members themselves for their support and energy during the show. Besides all these essential people, you also have the show bookers and promoters – these are often the people that keep the wheels turning by organizing the event and making sure everyone gets paid and is happy. In the Atlanta area, one of the key metal promoters is Hoyt Parris from Pathfinder Promotions. We have worked with Hoyt many times over the years and are always happy to work with him because he promotes the hell out of his shows and treats the bands with respect and professionalism, whether they are a nationally touring label act or a new band playing their first live show. We were pleased to read today on the band Sacred Dawn’s web blog that they have an excellent write-up of a recent show promoted by Hoyt and Pathfinder and it’s great to see that he’s getting some of the recognition he deserves for all his hard work and dedication. Thanks Hoyt for all you have done for the metal scene in Atlanta! We would also like to recognize our long-time friend Jesse Busch, who books and promotes some excellent shows at Sweetwater Bar & Grill out by us in Duluth.