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Drummer Found

This announcement is a bit belated since we have already played a show with this lineup (Sat Jan 14 at Sweetwater Bar in Duluth), but we would still like to introduce you to the newest addition to the ENDERS GAME family. The addition is Chad Blackwell, former drummer of California death metal act Impending Doom. Chad is a killer drummer and we are very pleased to have him in the band and can’t wait to bring you more shows and more new music with his distinctive creativity and percussive fury! Come out and catch him at a show soon before he spontaneously combusts!

Space Vikings added to 4/2 Show

A new band has been added to our Pathfinder Productions show on 4/2 to replace “Broken By The Fall“, who had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. We are very pleased to introduce… SPACE VIKINGS!! From the deepest reaches of space comes a Smörgåsbord of metal fit for Odin!! We’re really excited to have these guys on the show, as it will give us the opportunity to work again with Matt Parsons. We first met Matt when he was playing with his former band Sacrosanct. The shows that resulted still ring legendary through the halls of Atlanta metal.

Drummer Found!

Drummer found! Come to the show May 23 and see Mark perform with Enders Game for the first time live. You’ll hear material from the upcoming album along with the good stuff from the old days.

Auditioning Drummers

Enders Game is currently auditioning drummers. We’re looking for someone creative & reliable. Reliable includes having your own transportation and gear. Contact us if you’re interested. Listen to the songs posted on our page before contacting us.